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Egress Window Construction Services


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Egress Windows Frequently Asked Questions

1) Can I use a European window/tilt and turn for my egress window?

Egress Window

European windows, also known as 'tilt and turn windows' when used as egress windows have created quite a debate. Code requirements per the IRC for the proper and safe installation of an egress window reads as follows:

" 310.1.4 Operational Constraint. Emergency escape and rescue openings, shall be operational from the inside of the room without the use of keys, tools or special knowledge. "

In our professional opinion, tilt and turn windows or European windows are not compliant based on this requirement. Special knowledge is needed in order to operate these window types. While adult homeowners may know how to use these windows, visiting adults and/or children can find these difficult if not impossible to use. Since the basement is often the location of spare bedrooms and playrooms occupied by visiting adults and children, these individuals are most likely to use these windows in an emergency situation. We have found a great deal of inconsistency throughout various cities as to whether or not they recognize European windows as code compliant. This can even depend on various inspectors within a municipality. Our goal as an egress window installation company is to provide you and your loved ones with safety. We find this type of window installation bordering on a negligent interpretation of the IRC code. Therefore, European (tilt and turn) windows are not worth the legal risk and liability as an egress window.

2) How soon can you get started?

We can usually come to your home to bid the project within 48 hours of your first initial phone call. Once we have everything in order as mentioned in the step by step guide we will discuss a timeline that works for you.

3) How long will it take once you get started?

The actual many of days spent at your job will depend on several factors, including the scope of your project, whether or not your basement is finished, the type of soil that surrounds your home, and of course the size and quantity of the egress windows. For example, a job requiring the installation of 1 to 2 egress windows on a finished basement with ‘normal’ soil and easy access should take no longer than a day and a half assuming all inspections by the city are prompt.

4) What if I already have an egress window, but need a new window well?

This situation calls for something called a ‘window well exchange’ or ‘window well replacement’. In this instance we will take your original window well, and trade it for one that is more aesthetically pleasing, and code compliant with current building codes, making for a safer, efficient fire escape window. Please see the portion of our website labeled ‘Window Well Exchanges’.

5) Can I do some of the work myself to cut costs?

Due to warranty and insurance reasons we ask that if you contract our company that we do all of the work. This will ensure all of the work is properly done in compliance with city codes and that each step flows smoothly into the next. You can however do the finish work (trim, painting etc.) if you do not wish to purchase this additional option. We do however sell a DIY package at a lesser cost. We will supply you with the window, the well, cover, ladder and everything needed for install. The only work we will actually perform is the concrete cutting. The owner & general contractor will give you at least an hour of his time to consult you to ensure the project is done correctly. Situations may vary, please call us for details on the DIY package.

6) I got my 3 estimates, but the prices range quite a bit, why?

A significantly lower bid can be a red flag for a few reasons. Sometimes companies give out a lower bid to "reel" you in. Then after everything is signed and started they add more costs. When you first start to talk to companies and they are out to assess your job, pay close attention, and ask questions! Does one company mention something that needs to be done and another doesn't? What materials and products do they use and how do they compare in quality? When reviewing bids, make sure they detail out the work to be done. If there is a clause in the contract about "unforeseen conditions", ask what those conditions may be and request they give you a maximum in which they will charge you for each item. Will they be doing the job as required by the city in which you live? Will they provide permits, engineering etc? What kind of warranty will be provided by the manufacturer AND the company hired to perform the work? By asking these questions, you may discover where and why the price varies. In the event it is a larger company, with higher overhead and salesman to pay, they just might be more expensive, even if everything else is identical. The fact that they are a larger established company may make homeowners more comfortable in hiring them, even for a higher cost. Small family owned business may be just competent, honest with a lower price, just be sure to do your research. Here at Kruse Construction we are somewhere in the middle, and that's where we are happy. As a successful business where we can still give quality customer service and Justin, the owner can personally oversee all aspects of the job to ensure quality. We have been in business officially for nearly 15 years with proper licensing, and insurance. We have thousands of references, reviews on many search engines, and A+ with the BBB and a recipient of an Angie's List, Super Service Award with an impressive review!

7) What if I have lead based paint in my home?

Should your home have been built before 1978 we will be required by The EPA to test for lead base paint in the area we will be performing the work. If your home contains lead based paint rest assured we are certified to handle the removal of the lead paint in the area in which we are going to be installing your new egress window. This is a new law and not a lot of companies are aware of this, much less homeowners. It is important you work with a company that is up to date on all rules regulations, new and old. Kruse Construction is a ‘certified lead base paint renovator’ as stated earlier, and we can provide you with a copy of our EPA certification. Make sure you request this from your contractor or talk to them about the test. This is important for the health and safety of you and your children. Because this is such a vital topic, we have an entire page on this website designed to inform you on it.

8) I talked to another egress window company and they said I have to pull the permit myself, why is this?

When a company does work on your home, and you have pulled the permit, it is not only dishonest, but it places all liability on you, the homeowner. As mentioned previously, a job such as this takes great skill and knowledge. One wrong move and your homes foundation and structural integrity can be seriously compromised. If anything was to happen, your homeowners insurance would not pay because you pulled the permit and are not qualified to do such work. The contractors insurance (if he even has it) will not pay because he didn’t pull the permit. Also, this may be an indication that you have hired someone that does not hold the proper licensing to do such work. The city will not grant a permit to an unlicensed worker. The only reason they will grant one to the homeowner, is because they are the owner, and in this case a license is not required. I know it’s confusing, and probably not the best ‘system’ but it’s what we have to work with, and people continuously jump through the loophole they have created. Do you really want to do business with a company that asks you to lie? Beyond that, if this ‘contractor’ is willing to cut corners on key steps in your home project, that is a crucial red flag that you can’t afford to ignore. When it comes down to the integrity and quality of the work, you have to ask yourself…will they also cut corners on the services they provide?

9) I heard that pulling a permit for my Egress Window Project will increase my property taxes, is this true?

There are many different factors to consider here; Installing an Egress Window to your home does add value, as you may now count the space as "livable", and you can officially count the bedroom. Obviously this will increase the value of your home, but whether or not it may increase property taxes is debatable. In many cases the basement is already "grandfathered" in to your property tax value, which means putting in an egress window will NOT raise the taxes. If by some chance, your taxes did increase, the amount would be minimal. If you felt the amount was uncalled for, you may challenge the tax increase, and 9 times out of 10, you will succeed. The bigger issue here is how much are you willing to risk to possibly save a few bucks. A permit is required in EVERY city in and surrounding the Denver Metro Area. Any contractor that tells you otherwise, may not have the ability to pull a permit, meaning he is unlicensed. Having the foundation of your home being cut up by an unlicensed "professional" sounds a lot scarier than the slight possibility your property taxes may go up. See FAQ #7 to learn more about the repercussions of doing an Egress without a permit.

We offer a variety of wells, whether you are doing a new egress window or a window well exchange.

Egress Window Well - Railroad Ties Egress Window Well - Stone Egress Window Well - Brick

Egress Window Well - Railroad Ties

Egress Window Well - Stone

Egress Window Well - Brick

Egress Window Well - Rockwell Egress Window Well - Rockwell Egress Window Well - Rockwell Grate

Egress Window Well - Rockwell

Egress Window Well - Rockwell

Egress Window Well - Rockwell

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