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Common questions answered about window wells, egress windows, and covers.
Why is my window well rusting, my home is not that old?

In most cases, the well itself was not installed correctly, which is why some of your wells may be rusting and some aren’t. The bolts used to attach the wells are touching re-bar inside of the foundation which causes electrolysis which in turn causes the rusting and deterioration of the well. Unfortunately this is an issue in suburban homes North and South of Denver.

We have found that Highlands Ranch neighborhoods have an influx of rusting window well problems. Centennial, Thornton & Broomfield are also among the top 4 cities experiencing rusting and corroding window wells on their newer homes.

Please see our window well replacement page for more information.

How soon can I have my window well replaced?

The average lead time to replace a window well is 1-2 weeks and the work itself takes 1-2 days. We have found that time is of the essence when people need window well replacements need so we have devised a way to help you expedite the process without sacrificing quality or efficiency. We are also experienced and knowledgeable in order to have your window well replaced as a requirement of a real estate transaction.


How long does it take to install an egress window?

Your egress window project will take a total of 3 days start to finish. The first day is excavation, the second day is when the foundation is cut, the window is installed and all other major work is complete. The third day is the inspection by the city. If there are multiple windows, an additional day for excavation may be needed. A time-frame will be given to you prior to starting so that you can plan accordingly.

Please visit our egress window process guide page for more details.


How soon can I have my egress window installed?

Our average lead time is 4-6 weeks, sometimes longer during peak seasons. We recommend planning for your egress project well in advance, especially when dealing with a time sensitive project. We also understand that is not always possible so we can sometimes expedite the process if the need is great. We are very well versed when it comes to working with contractors and investors with tight deadlines or simply parents moving their kids to the basement and need to have a safety escape ASAP. Give us a call and see what we can do for you!


How much does an egress window cost?

The cost of an egress window has many factors like the year of the home, the city it’s located, and several other variables. An estimate for your specific project can be given to you with a quick phone call to our office 303-955-2969. In most cases, the initial phone estimate given to you is accurate and is the number you can expect to be presented to you after the onsite consultation.


When getting estimates for my egress window project the prices range quite a bit, why?

The first thing you need to do is make sure that you are comparing apples to apples. When you first start to talk to companies and they are out to assess your job, pay close attention, and ask questions!

  • Does one company mention something that needs to be done and another doesn’t?
  • How knowledgeable are the people you talk to with at each company? All of the bids should include everything from start to finish and clearly detail all of the labor and materials included.
  • What egress window materials and products do they use and how do they compare in quality?
  • If there is a clause in the contract about “unforeseen conditions”, ask what those conditions may be and request they give you a maximum in which they will charge you for each item.
  • Will they be doing the job as required by the city in which you live?
  • Will they provide permits and engineering?
  • What kind of warranty will be provided by the manufacturer AND the company hired to perform the work?


By asking these questions, you may discover where and why the price varies.

New companies or companies without the proper credentials may do the work for a fraction of the price. This can be a red flag, and it’s not a risk that we recommend taking when it comes to the structural integrity of your home and the safety of your family.

If a price seems unusually high it could be that it is a larger company, with higher overhead and salesman to pay, they just might be more expensive, even if everything else is identical.

Here at Kruse Construction our prices have been trending somewhere in the middle, and that’s where we are happy. Having a successful business serving many happy homeowners in the Denver Metro Area for nearly 20 years, we are proud to say that the owner, Justin Kruse can still oversee all aspects of the jobs from start to finish, ensuring a high quality outcome each and every time.


What are the requirements for an egress window?

There are several different requirements when installing an egress window, whether it is the placement or specific code. Basements that are more than 220 square feet need to have at least one egress window. No matter the size of the basement, every bedroom in the basement must have an egress window.

Please visit our egress window building code page for all of the details and visuals.


Do I need a permit for an egress window?

Yes! You absolutely do! Basement Windows of Denver by Kruse Construction takes care of all of your engineering and permit needs to ensure the job is done correctly and to code. Every job must have a permit issued by the municipality you reside in and it should be taken care of by the company installing the egress window. This requires business insurance and a license. So an egress window that does not include permits or that asks you yourself to pull the permit for the egress window may not have the proper credentials.

The cost of a permit is a small fraction of the entire project, so budget should not be a consideration when it comes to the permit. In the end it is worth it to have your Egress Window installed by a licensed professional.


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