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Kruse Construction LLC was officially established by Justin Kruse in 1998.

Justin Kruse is a Colorado Native and has been in the construction field since he was a teenager. His attention to detail and brilliant designing methods combined with expansive knowledge makes him a master at his trade and customers can rest assured in his capable hands.

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Justin Kruse of Kruse Construction LLC dba Basement Windows of Denver

Our History

Throughout the years, Kruse Construction specialized in all aspects of construction. Justin, a highly skilled trim carpenter, personally worked on and oversaw all of the projects. Kruse Construction delivered top quality residential remodels, including bathrooms, kitchens, basements, decks and additions. His expertise in nearly every aspect of home remodeling and residential construction flourished.

After years of successful general residential construction, the next move for Kruse Construction was to have a primary focus; basements. This allowed Justin to focus on the craft he enjoyed most and something that combined nearly every skill he had mastered. As a part of basement finishing, egress windows were often part of the job. After some time, Justin found that he had a talent for this difficult and dangerous job. As the need for companies that specialized in egress windows grew, Kruse Construction started taking on a large amount of egress windows for other contractors and homeowners.

So with Justin’s expertise on basement finishing and the public’s growing need for egress windows Kruse Construction then branched off into 2 main divisions in; Basements of Denver and Basement Windows of Denver.


Is it Kruse Construction or Basement Windows of Denver?

In essence, they are one in the same. As time went on, the egress window division rapidly grew due to the solid reputation as a quality installer with competitive prices. As a result, the basement finishing branch was phased out and completely closed in 2011. Since then, Kruse Construction has primarily been focused only on Basement Windows of Denver branch.

The name Kruse Construction has a solid longstanding reputation in the community and is the foundation of Justin Kruse’s many years of hard work building a reliable construction company.

However, since egress windows is the sole focus and the business’s future, the slow transition to the name Basement Windows of Denver started a decade ago, all the while having the trusted name of Kruse Construction to back it up. This ensures our customers can expect the same quality craftsmanship and customer service that Kruse Construction has been delivering since 1998.


Our Commitment to You

During the initial meeting and throughout, Justin himself educates and guides the homeowner so that they can make a decision they are comfortable with. The homeowner’s needs always come first, and those needs are met with honesty and integrity. All though we have grown, and we are considered one of the top egress installers in Colorado, respected by our consumers and peers.

Here at Basement Windows of Denver by Kruse Construction it is our commitment to stay true to the core values that made Kruse Construction a success. We are, and always will be, a family owned and operated company committed to delivering first class service to our customers.

To us, first class means that we hold ourselves to the highest of standards in every department, unwavering integrity and to always deliver 100% satisfaction.


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